TOPIC Vertical

Vertical radiators flat

Our space miracle THEMA Vertical combines form and function in an impressive way. With its smooth steel front panel, it becomes a remarkable yet harmonious design element in any interior. Its clear, modern design sets visual highlights in any room and creates a contemporary atmosphere.

  • Overall height 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200 mm
  • Construction width 500, 600, 900 mm
  • With flat front panel

TOPIC Vertical

Ideal for condensing boilers and other heat sources
Can be extended with towel holder / coat hanger holder
With attached side panel
Easy installation thanks to spring-loaded bracket

Whether in your living space or in public buildings, schools and kindergartens – the THEMA vertical fits perfectly and is a real eye-catcher.

Connections: 2 x 21.3 mm (G1/2") at the top, 1 x 21.3 mm (G1/2") at the side for valve insert, 2 x 21.3 mm (G1/2") at the bottom (center) for connection
Max. Operating overpressure: 6 bar
Max. Operating temperature: 110 °C
Protection class: Not available

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Product description

The THEMA Vertical is a masterpiece of combining form and function. Its smooth front panel made of high-quality steel makes it a remarkable yet harmonious design element that blends seamlessly into any interior. The clear, modern design of this radiator sets visual highlights in any room and creates a contemporary atmosphere.

Why should you choose the THEMA vertical radiator flat?

Ideal for condensing boilers: THEMA Vertical is the ideal complement for condensing boilers. With the right design, our radiators are also suitable for heat pumps and other heating sources.

Individual colors to suit your taste: Thanks to our state-of-the-art painting system, you can match your radiator to your rooms in various RAL colors.

towel rail available: For additional functionality, the THEMA Vertical can also be extended with a towel rail or coat hanger holder.

With attached side panels: The clip-on side panels facilitate maintenance and cleaning of the radiator, making care of your heating system uncomplicated.

Easy installation thanks to the spring-loaded bracket: The spring-loaded bracket makes installation of the THEMA vertical radiator simple, time-saving and safe in accordance with VDI 6036.

Whether you want to use the THEMA Vertical in your living space or in public buildings such as schools and nurseries – it fits perfectly and is a real eye-catcher. This radiator is not only an efficient heating system, but also a design element that enhances your room and creates a contemporary atmosphere.

Experience the fusion of functionality and design with the THEMA flat vertical radiator. Opt for efficiency, style and easy installation. Bring warmth and aesthetics into your home or public spaces and benefit from maximum comfort. Choose THEMA Vertical and make your space miracle come true.

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