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The cover, which can be easily removed without tools, ensures lasting convection performance. Dust clusters inside the convection ducts, which lead to a significant reduction in performance in the long term, can be easily removed.

HM radiators can be attached quickly and securely using original HM spring-loaded brackets – not visible under the cover. There is also an extensive range of HM accessories, such as floor brackets for floor mounting.

Centara technology lowers the surface temperature on the side of the radiator facing the wall. This reduces heat loss (the heat goes where it is supposed to go) and lowers power requirements and energy consumption – while maintaining the same level of living comfort. The concentration of heat in the front panel also leads to noticeably faster heating.

HM radiators have been manufactured in Dingelstädt/Thuringia in the middle of Germany for 20 years. Only high-quality steel is used; automated high-tech production “Made in Germany” guarantees consistently high quality.

Flexible production on 5 high-tech lines in the center of Germany ensures short production times. The warehouse with around 100,000 radiators – at the HM plant in Dingelstädt alone – intelligently links manufacturers, wholesalers and tradesmen.

The wide water channels of the GALANT ensure a uniformly warm surface. The unmistakable Galant design with seamlessly integrated cover and firmly welded side panels is also easily recognizable and a good “calling card” for a high-quality installation.

Radiators should ideally be positioned under the window to compensate for the drop in cold air. The cold air drop occurs when warm room air cools down on cold surfaces, such as windows, exterior walls or similar. As cold air is heavier than warm air, it sinks to the floor and creates an unfavorable air flow. The drop in cold air is countered by a convective upward flow of warm air from radiators.

The environmentally friendly three-layer coating provides lasting protection against damage and rust. Thanks to a state-of-the-art paint shop, radiators can be produced in 12 special colors and 3 premium colors within 48 hours (daily business quantities).

CENTARA, THEMA M and CLASSIC M are designed exclusively for centered connection from below. It should be noted that the wall distance is the same for all types (35 mm), so the radiators can be easily replaced. The feed is on the left.

Radiators in panel design usually consist of two water-bearing panels and a corresponding number of rows of fins. However, there are also single-layer and three-layer versions. Panel radiators provide radiant heat via the surface on the one hand and convection heat via the interior equipped with fins on the other, combining pleasant heating comfort with short reaction times. The type 20 version has an interior without slats and is therefore particularly suitable for rooms with special hygiene requirements.

The side panels are welded to improve heat transfer and durability.

With a flat front panel made of aluminum, the THEMA radiator easily becomes an unusual yet harmonious design element in the interior design. The clear, modern design language sets visual accents in any room environment. The thin aluminum radiant surface also allows optimum heat distribution over the entire surface.

Depending on the circumstances, the thermostatic head is mounted on the right or left side of the radiator (in the compact and valve versions, the radiator can be rotated; in the versions with a central connection, the thermostatic head can be mounted on the right or left side).

A balanced distribution of convection heat (for rapid heating) and radiant heat (for lasting well-being) makes the panel radiator the ideal heat source. Not only the objective temperature is important, but also the subjective feeling of warmth. What is relevant here is the proportion of radiant heat and, in general, that there is an identifiable heat source. HM radiators are optimized with regard to the radiant heat component and at the same time represent a tangible and elegant heat source in the room.

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