Bathroom radiators

The Thetis bathroom radiator series has the original bathroom radiator shape. The classic design makes it easy to dry several towels and heats your bathroom comfortably to your desired temperature.

  • Installation height 800, 1200, 1500, 1800 mm
  • Construction width 500, 600, 750 mm
  • Center connection


Available straight or curved
Towel rail and warmer in one
Ideal for condensing boilers and other heat sources

With THETIS, you don’t have to choose between tradition and a wellness oasis.

Connections: 2 x 21.3 mm (G1/2") at the bottom (center), 2 x 21.3 mm (G1/2") at the bottom (side), 1 x 21.3 mm (G ½") at the top (side) Internal thread to ISO 228
Max. Operating overpressure: 10 bar
Max. Operating temperature: 110 °C
Protection class: Not available

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Product description

Enjoy tradition and comfort with the THETIS bathroom radiator series

The THETIS bathroom radiator series preserves the original form and functionality of bathroom radiators in a timeless classic design. This design not only allows you to efficiently dry several towels at the same time, but also to comfortably heat your bathroom to your desired temperature.

Why should you choose the THETIS bathroom radiator series?

Available straight or curved: The THETIS range offers you the choice of straight or curved models, so you can choose the radiator to suit your personal taste and the requirements of your bathroom.

Ideal for condensing boilers: The THETIS bathroom radiator is perfectly designed for use with condensing boilers. With the right design, our radiators are also suitable for heat pumps and other heating sources.

Individual colors to suit your taste: Thanks to our state-of-the-art painting system, you can match your radiator to your rooms in various RAL colors.

Towel rail and warmer in one: These bathroom radiators simultaneously fulfill the function of a towel rail and warmer. Your towels are always warm and cozy, and your bathroom becomes a wellness oasis.

With THETIS, you don’t have to choose between traditional charm and modern comfort. This range combines the best of both worlds and offers you the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a warm and inviting oasis of well-being.

Choose the THETIS bathroom radiator range to combine the tradition of classic design with the luxury of warm towels and a comfortably tempered bathroom. Your bathroom will not only be more functional, but also more stylish and inviting. Experience the comfort and coziness that only THETIS can offer.

Variant overview


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